Bow Holder

An old frame and some chicken wire… Love it. Believe it or not there is still not enough room for all our bows.
2012 phone 072

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Refashion: Women’s T-shirt into little girls dress

My mom found this great piece of fabric at a yard sale.


Some one had removed the sleeves, and left a mess.


So I finished the removal.


This cute shirt had a little stain and was hardly used by daughter. I think is wasn’t fancy enough for her. lol


All done. She loves it. 


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Little Girl Hair Do’s

Church is at 1pm this year, so mom has lots of time to do little girls hair. (There will be more pictures soon.)

I love this one. The hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day. I could hear the lady behind us at church comment on how cute she was.

She calls this her Rapunzel hair. I hadn’t plan to take the braid all the way down. But she didn’t want to stop with just a half up do. She can be very demanding. Lol.

This big girl has so much hair. I thought these backwards french braids came out great. Can’t wait for her hair to get long again. Just imagine these braids all the way down her back. m

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First Sewing Lesson

My oldest has been begging me to teach her how to sew.  Today we had our first lesson and everyone got in on the lesson. So cute.

My youngest had trouble holding everything, So I got creative. I made an embroidery hoop with a disposable Tupperware. It worked perfectly. I cut the insides out of both and  placed the fabric in between.

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Purple Fairy Halloween Costume (Sewing)

A month ago I found this adorable pattern at the fabric store for 1.99. I know what you thinking what a great deal. Well the last time I made a costume from a cute Disney pattern it cost my over $50 dollars in supplies to make it. Ouch. The baby found it and well wouldn’t allow me to forget she wanted the pink one!!! She’s 3.

So I thought HOW am I going to make this happen on a budget? Read to see what I came up with for under $10 I think It’s fabulous. But that’s might just be me.

Ra and I went to the local Goodwill. We went through the racks and stumbled upon this slightly used size 7-8 prom dress. Price: $2.00. Yup. All that beautiful fabric for 2 bucks. I cut that dress to bits. Re-fashioned all the tulle and embroidery. So make… drum role please….
This beauty. I’m so proud.

The wings cam from Michael. I had to change those a bit too. Originally  Angel wing $6.99, I used a 50% off coupon got them for $4. I cut them apart and glued them back together. Take a look.

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my favorite people in the whole wide world


enough said.

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We are so easily amused- record of our day.

We were up early to get Ra to playgroup. Mom chatted with one of her cousins at play group while we played leapsters in the car. Then mom was late to get new tires on the car. A friend was helping us with the tires and got our car right in. To amuse the big kids he sent us to the pet store next door. You would have thought we were at the zoo. The kids were all giggles amused by the cats, hamsters, rats, turtles, spiders and fish. When is was time to go the kids didn’t want to go. Mom did buy a fish bowl for our adopted fish, a Betta fish the kids call rainbow. Mom broke the other bowl. opps. We got done with the tires so quickly that we ran to Fresh and Easy to get some fruit and clearance meat for a BBQ dinner.

We picked up Ra and went over to a friends house that moved. Mom worked really hard to get the mirror in the front room clean. While she was in the house the kids chatted all about the pet store. And when mom came back to the car Ra begged to go to the pet store.

Mom wouldn’t take us back to the pet store. We tried to get Jo’s hair cut but the place was to busy. We went home and had lunch. Mom needed a nap so we played and made a mess while she rested. Jo and Cece had a dr appt, just a ck up. Both kids are at 90% for height and weight. The blood bank called mom while we were waiting for the dr and told her is was time to give blood again. After the kids got there finger pricks they all begged mom to go to the blood bank to play and get snacks.

We played in the kids play area and got drinks. And them snacks when mom was done. We totally spoiled our dinner.

We went mom mom made dinner and we ate. While the kids got ready for bed mom and dad worked outside. They finished putting up the pool, fixing the car window that was stuck down all day, and cleaning out the garage it was a mess.

We had fun today.

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