Day 16

Well I haven’t been feeling 100% so I took the day off… well as much as I could still having to tend to the kids, pay bills, make dinner, do dishes, do laundry, and my scrapbooking of course. I wanted to shampoo the carpet & take the kids bowling . I didn’t let myself do either, another day I guess. Ido feel a bit better. Still think I’ll go to bed early. m

Pictures from Arizona trip in from 1993, I was 12 years old.

Jan 16 side 1

Jan 16 page 2

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2 Responses to Day 16

  1. OMG girl, i haven’t seen you since i was pregnant with our first and we were scrapbooking together at your SIL’s house. how are you?

  2. September says:

    I cant’ believe you were only 12. LOL Josh was BORN in 1993… hee hee!!!!

    I’m glad to see you doing this layout a day thing, congrats! I’m keeping a gratitude journal this year, I think that’s about as much as I dar commit to at this point. Oh yes, and going on a 4 day scrap retreat 2/28-3/2. Wooo hooo!


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