What’s better then one sick kid? How about 2???

OK so as I’m sleeping last night, well or laying in bed in between getting up to check on dd at least every 2 hours. (I was up at least 6 times.) It was like surround sound coughing all night. At one point I was yelling at my dd to take drink from her sippy cup and stop coughing. Such a good mommy I know, but I had given her everything I could, cough syrup, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Vick’s vapor rub, humidifier, get my point. So this morning I realize ds is a little horse & he’s coughing. Yup and running a little fever too. I have to laugh, poor kid I never thought that his poor sister was not the only one coughing. So he has started the regiment. Hopefully this will pass quickly and mom will evade the sickies. m

p.s. Yes… I have scrapbooked in the last 2 weeks, but mostly I have been cleaning up my mess from the 31 layouts I did last month. And I have a huge mess.

p.p.s. The Cosby kids are on Oprah tomorrow. I’ll be watching as much as the kids let me. I really enjoyed that show growing up. One of the few dad let us watch with no objections. I’ve even gone so far as to check out the DVD’s from the library and watch them in the last year. I know I’m crazy. What’s new?

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