Ok so let me update you…

… are we still sick? Yes a little bit, I have stopped running a fever but Joe alas can’t kick the heat, but it is better his fever still spikes at night. Cece and daddy are still safe but i’m always afraid that all that means as soon as Joe & I feel well enough to do anything, we will be stuck here taking care of another sick person. So lets cross our fingers and get out the disinfecting wipes.

I can’t wait to go back to church, more then one time in a month… we are such regular church goers that i feel strange that I have missed so much. Lets take laundry… well i think it’s having babies… I finished every bit of clothes Friday and I have at least 6 loads to do today. Anyone want to help? I better get back to life… m

ps here’s what i’m reading:

 738250322.jpg www.photofreedombook.com

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