Kids say the cutest things.

Let me preface this by saying Grandma Mari & my sister have watched the kiddos for just about every Dr. appt. I have had. Bless their hearts. And Celeste someday’s is excited not because sister is coming but because she knows that when sister comes she gets to stay the night at grandma’s & grandpa’s.

Celeste: “When do we get to go to grandma’s?”

Mom: ” Today after lunch, dad will come home and take you and brother to Grandma’s and Mommy to the Dr.”

Celeste: “Is the baby coming today?”

Mom: “I don’t think so sweetie.” (I wish.)

Celeste: *sigh* ” OOOOOOKKAYYYY.”

Celeste from the living room 2 minutes later: “Can we have lunch now?” (It’s 10am)

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One Response to Kids say the cutest things.

  1. mariah says:

    Your bringing your husband with you to your appointment for extra reinforcement, I can see your doctor inducing you just for the heck of it! I am jealous. Have a fun appointment.

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