Busy, busy, busy…

So let me update you… Rachel got a bit of a cold but I took her to the doctor Monday and he is confident that she is strong and will not have any problem fighting off this bug… which dad has too. 🙂 Here are 2 pictures take on the 8th… I was to bummed the 2nd came out blurry… so I’m trying to trick you eye by making it black and white… did it work.

 rachel may 8 1

rachel may 8 2

 I’ve been cookin’… a lot of cooking… with 3 little ones preparing a good dinner is getting harder… so I decided to do a day of power cooking… boy let me tell you I was exhausted after this… So what did I make… on Tuesday I made 3 meat and cheese pies (thanks for the recipe Sarah!), and 4 lasagna’s… then mom came over and helped me assemble 3 enchilada casseroles yesterday. I’m so excited that those days I want to pull my hair out because I’ve had no sleep or I’ve been to the 3rd doctors apt in a wk. I can pop one of these babies in the oven and walla, dinner!


Snuck out to see this movie last night… Robert bravely stayed home with the kids… and yes Rachel was up fussy the whole time… I feel so bad, but it was so nice to get out. The movie, it was ok… just like many other chick flicks I’ve seen…but it made me laugh. Well I’d better run I need to take Cece to preschool. Later. M

made of honor

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