Random Stuff

We have a mouse…


…he is 3 yrs old and fast… don’t put down your cheese anywhere, he’s always hungry. LOL.

rachel & dad

Look at how big we are getting. :0 Here’s Rachel a.k.a. ‘ball-o-gas girl’ is with her daddy and there nightly get-out-the-bubbles session. Daddy is so patient with her; patting her back until she falls peacefully asleep in his arms.

I forgot my camera this weekend. I had the chance to see Mariah & here new little boy. I hope she posts pictures soon on her blog. It was so fun to visit with her and her family. Jonathan is so sweet. Celeste and Daniel were so cute running around playing together. Joe loved the train toy. The food was great. I hope we get to visit again soon.

Well I’m off to bed. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. m

p.s. CONGRATS to Audrey! I almost forgot she’s the newest member of our LSS design team. Translation she will be making scrapbook layouts to be displayed at the scrapbook store. How fun, totally jealous, but so happy for her.

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One Response to Random Stuff

  1. Emily says:

    What a cute pic of Rachel. She’s darling!

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