Look who came to visit our family

We enjoy spending time with the Gage family. When they come to visit the kids play & play some more… in a couple hours they may come tell me they’re hungry. I feed them and then the kids are gone for another couple hours; playing, exploring, singing, dressing up, running outside. Oh what a good time, and what great friends. We are blessed.

Here are the babies, Jonathan is 22hrs older then Rachel. He’s bigger & taller too. LOL.

2 babies

Here’s the whole happy crew. Hard to believe that we have 7 kids between us. I still remember when we where just 2 happy couples. Oh how time flies.

the crew

And the handsome boy, baby Jonathan.


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One Response to Look who came to visit our family

  1. mariah says:

    Cute. It was a fun day, the kids woke up after 10am this morning and slept all the way home. My baby is definatley bigger. Fun to look at the difference.

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