a breast infection part 1

reminder: if you don’t want to read about my breast infection to not read on. 

at apx. 30 wk pregnant I felt some pain and tenderness in my left breast. soon later I discovered a rather large mass. I called my Dr (OBGYN) and went into see the nurse practitioner (NP) and was prescribed antibiotics (keflex). in the next couple of days the mass initially became larger and at one of my regular pregnancy ck up’s I had NP ck the mass again (I think at this point she tried to get the Dr to see me but he was out delivering a baby). at that time she referred me to the breast center for an ultra sound. by the time I had the ultrasound the mass was gone and the specialist found nothing in the ultrasound.

I thought no big deal everything is fine. had my sweet baby in April  and 4 weeks later beings part 2 of this saga. m

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