a breast infection part 2

reminder: if you don’t want to read about my breast infection to not read on. 

OK so fast-forward… baby about 4 wks old and mass returns. I think nothing of it. at my 5 wk ck up appointment I had NP ck it again. And again she send me for another ultrasound remember the last one found nothing. so I call make my appointment  (they try to schedule me like 2 wks out, I make a fuss.) And they give me and appointment  apx. one week later.

I go in for the ultrasound and they find not 1 but 2 galacticosil (spelling?). which means 2 areas that are collecting fluids, one rather small and the other much larger. What kind of fluid? they don’t know.

So this is the good part they schedule and aspiration (taking a needle and surenge  and removing the liquid) for 2 1/2 week later. So I go on my merry way. Yes I’m still having a great deal of tenderness and discomfort.

Part 3 coming soon.

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