a breast infection part 3

reminder: if you don’t want to read about my breast infection to not read on. 

So last Friday I take a quick dive for the worse. all week i thought the area hurt more then it had and I thought it might be infected. it was a little bit red and a little bit warm. (but no one at this point had given me any instructions on what to do… or had told me to watch for infection) I call my Dr again about 2pm. At about 4:30pm I had to take my oldest daughter into urgent care for a UTI. so I thought while I’m here I’ll get ck’d out. my Dr had not called me back.

at urgent care the Dr was very concerned about what she saw. she scared me a bit. she talked about lancing the area. but because I told her was under a Dr’s care she just gave me the antibiotics and sent me on my way.

when I got home I found a message form the NP telling me to go to urgent care. I had to laugh.

I was suppose to go camping that night and by the time I made it home it was 8:15pm. so i bribed the kids into staying home that night with some treats. and we headed for the hills the next morning.

Part 4 coming…

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