OK the following is pretty gross…

I have a one inch incision on my breast to let all the milk and nasty stuff drain. I return to the surgeon on Monday to follow up. they say they won’t close it that it will have to heal on its own, i’m also on 2 different new antibiotics. Big kids are with grandparents, baby with hubby & me.

thanks for all you love an support. i’m really lucky to have so many kind people in my life.

if any lactating moms are reading this. if you get a clogged duct don’t wait… get seen by someone who knows something about lactation. massage, warm compress & move that milk.

surgeon said I was the 3rd breast abscess she saw this week. unbelievable.


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One Response to details…

  1. Audrey says:

    Well, it certainly has been a journey hasn’t it? You’re doing a great job hangin’ in there ( I’m not sure I’d be so brave with a very sensitive booby!). It’s amazing what we can endure for our kids!

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