All the good stuff

you know with all the “bad” stuff that has happened I wanted to post some of the good stuff. so here goes.

baby toys aren’t just for babies.

r & j

i {heart} a good breakfast.


good friends never go away.

1997ish and me 50 lbs lighter hehe

we just multiply.hehe

old friends

100 degree weather just means you have to find a way to cool off.


projects do get done.


eventually… bought frames at aaron brothers penny frame sale ends sunday- great deal!


and thank goodness for photoshop (I can hide her bald spot, when I forget to put a bow on her head to hide it) 🙂 haha. poor baby.

playing w/friends

hope to have lots of good stuff this weekend. m

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2 Responses to All the good stuff

  1. Josie says:

    I see you found my blog! I love this one, it’s very happy and makes me feel nostalgic, too.

    PS the enchiladas were DELICIOUS and if you’re a recipe sharer I’d love it.

  2. Audrey says:

    cute post. It’s always nice to focus on the “little” good things that happen throughout our trials. Love your project too! Looks really good. And Rachel, well, we know how I feel about her. Just as precious as ever!

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