Health Update

went to the dr last week- infection gone. still nursing- yeah. have to watch that duct doesn’t start collecting milk again. which could happen at anytime. but really feeling good. now if I hadn’t sprained my ankle. 🙂 m

***edit: in response to your comments. yes I like to keep things crazy… if I was healthy think of all the things I’d have to get done… like clean house. LOL. the ankle is fine, the bruising is almost gone. it feels like I have to pop it- does that make since but I can walk on it. and I haven’t rolled it again. yeah.

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2 Responses to Health Update

  1. Josie says:

    yay!! happy for you…. except the sprained ankle part. What’d you do that for!?

  2. Audrey says:

    Yeah, way to go, Mariana! Just when things are getting good, you’ve gotta spice things up, don’t ya? How’s that going btw?

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