Sunday Hair

ok so i let her have Saturdays off from the hair monster and Sunday… if we can we try something big. 🙂 if i promise to put the fan aka crown in her hair she will let me do just about anything.

this is 5 twists in to a messy bun. (i think it would be fun to put some twists on the bottom 2, next time.)


and i thought today if she gets to look good why can’t i… another messy bun… almost made myself sick trying to look back and forth in 2 mirrors to see what i was doing… my 5yo took the pictures. i’d love to know what you think.



see how to do a messy bun here  i pin the bun back to the head for added support and to hide the rubber band. i made my bun with 2 rubber bands 1st a ponytail then looped the hair and added a second on top of the 1st. i left some “bangs” out wrapped them back and and around to hide the rubber band as well.

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