5 months of trouble

today my mom watched the 2 youngest. she made the comment that jo is so easy to watch and doesn’t make any trouble. i started thinking how easy life would be right now if baby r wasn’t here. you see baby r makes lots of trouble. but don’t get me wrong i love her so much and i’m greatful for all the blessings she’s brought into our lives.

so what is baby r up to at 5 month…

1st she has teeth!

she loves to eat regular food; peaches, squash, green beans, bananas, and especially Gerber cookies. if she concentrates really hard she can even get cereal in her mouth using her little hands.

mom is letting her cry to sleep in her bed and last night after about 30 minutes she was out.

she pushes herself from one side of the crib to the other.

she rolls over both ways.

she doubled in weight.

she still has blue eyes and everywhere we go people tell he mommy how cute she it.

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