Staying Positive

I have to admit I’ve felt a bit off lately. I try to keep everything really positive on my blog. But I think it important to say even the best of us have bad days. It’s nothing in particular, just so busy. Really busy & tired, need to rest more, exercise more, eat better. You know the run down. And if you read my blog you know this summer wasn’t the easiest.  I guess I just want to let those negative vibes go, maybe writing/typing my thought will help. I want to be a better person; mom, wife, daughter, friend.

I’m so grateful for my blessing. My family most of all. I’m one lucky lady to be so blessed. That’s all for now. Mariana

Random thoungt: My kids so look like me. Thanks for taking this picture aunt Terrie!

Wanted to share this too… Love this! a dad and his son… i came out and could not find jo… you could not see him from above the car. I had to get down on my knees to get this picture. He loves to work with his dad.

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