My Daughter the Super Kid

Cece was so excited to come home yesterday and tell everyone that she is her classes SUPER KID! (It’s like student of the week… for us old guys.) So she gets to bring home Honey Bunny (pictured below), journal about him, take pictures with him to share them at school each day. Oh and of course be in front to the line whenever her class goes anywhere and help the other students with snack. I’m sure there are more duties as super kids although I am not yet aware of them and sure my daughter will fulfill her duties with grace. 🙂

BTW, nobody has to tell me this kid is a super kid. I know it. She is a sweetheart, a doll, and I love her so much.

So with out further ado… they Saturday adventures of Cece and Honey Bunny.

What day would be complete with out a tea party? Honey Bunny has to eat his carrots to make him strong.

Buckle up Honey Bunny.

Honey Bunny was a pro at dance class.

Honey Bunny took the girls to lunch.

Honey Bunny wanted to make some x-mas presents grandma’s. (No peeking grandma!) 

And what outing would be complete with out a little chocolate ice cream. Sorry Honey Bunny no carrot flavored ice cream today.

More to come on or Honey Bunny adventures soon… you won’t want to miss it.

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One Response to My Daughter the Super Kid

  1. Angie Bradshaw says:

    That is so funny. I don’t remember ever getting to bring home a honey bunny. That is great. Congrats to Celeste!!

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