I just did an hour of Yoga!

OKwell it may have not looked like yoga being my first time and to only teacher i had was the one on the TV. But the BYU channel has a nice lady that doe aerobics and yoga, so i thought I’d try it today. I got my heart rate up, broke a sweat, and I’m sure tomorrow my muscles will hurt. The best part my sick baby (yes she’s got the barfs), slept in bed the whole time.

Now it there were only a show to get me to clean my house. 🙂

Pictures of Santa coming soon. m

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One Response to I just did an hour of Yoga!

  1. Audrey says:

    You go girl! We take it any way we can get it right?

    {When you find that show that helps you clean your house, will you tape it, bring it over here, THEN watch it? I think there’s officially no hope for me to do anything house related any more. ;)}

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