me and my kids

i never posted about Christmas. strangely xmas pictures are like my least favorite picts of the entire year. each year i take a hundred and one pictures of the same stuff. i don’t know maybe it’s because i feel that i have to scrapbook all these photos. so i finally was looking thru all the pictures and i found this little gem of my kiddos and ME on xmas morn.  AND we are all lookin’ at the camera.

update on our life… i have had at least one person sick in my home since Christmas. no joke.  i get a few days here and there & it is very frustrating… my hubby in fact got a cold as soon as school got out for the holiday… then the flu that we picked up at Christmas ran thu all the kids… cece threw up on new years eve… then i got a cold at some point… and the kids ran fevers for no reason all in turns… and now hubby just got over a 2nd cold and my little guy has is… have i bored you enough. my life is very boring right now. i can’t wait for spring…

sorry for the boring post. m

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