thank goodness for good friends and family

i really should learn to listen the spirits promptings. this morning after sending my oldest to school i was looking for clothes for my little guy when i noticed my keys in the pocket of the sweater i wore the day before. a thought came to my mind that’s a really bad place for them. i’ll never find them. i should have taken them out. oh no worries right… i’ll just grab the sweater wear it again. AND i’ll have my keys.

Fast-forward. time to get to school and pick up my kindergartner. I get each child there sweaters and shoes, the baby a bottle, throw my diaper bag on my shoulder and walk out the door.

So you know what happens next. did i put my sweater on? NO! MY KEYS! I am now stuck outside with a baby in my arms and my little guy wondering why i haven’t opened the car to the door so he can sit inside. i immediately call a great friend that is picking up her little one at kindergartner, and she agrees to get my daughter as well. great! now how do i get inside. my hubby was away today and could not bring me his key. i ck all the doors and windows… i always lock ALL the door and all the windows are closed. I call my hubby. “Does your mom have a key to our house?!?”. he believes she does. so i call her at work…

She thinks so too… and can come but her lunch break is not for another hour… and she works across town. So now my daughter has arrived and i am outside with 3 children. and they are getting hungry after all it’s a quarter to 12. i call another wonderful friend who owns a car large enough to accommodate the 4 of us… and remember i have no car seats. I call her… and her car is in the shop. She is planning on going to the park with another friend. well shoot. maybe i can find someone else to take me to the park… i really don’t know what to do at this point.

My wonderful friend calls me back and says…”what about plan B…why don’t we play in your backyard instead of the park?  we are driving to get a sandwiches at subway we can pick up lunch for you and all come play in the backyard.” FANTASTIC.

i was almost out of baby snacks that my son was eating, who was of course was starving. when no sooner did they arrive with lunch. my saving grace. and the kids were in so excited to play with there friends. and just a few minutes later my MIL came with a key. that oddly enough was in her car??? little blessings right.

little blessings, i had food in my diaper bag for the baby. i had to use a medicine dropper to give it to her but she did not mind. my oldest had to pee in the backyard. and when she got her pant all wet, gross, she had the extra pair i had put in her backpack for school.

what an absolutely crazy day. as soon as the baby woke from her nap i went to the store with all 3 kids and made an extra key for my diaper bag.

thank you to my friends for not letting my kids starve, and be bored. thank to my MIL for driving clear across town to let me back in the house.

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One Response to thank goodness for good friends and family

  1. Audrey says:

    That is an absolutely crazy day! I think I would’ve just sat on our front steps and cried…so kudos to you for keeping it together! Thank goodness you had your phone too, huh?

    I hope your evening made up for the day. Did you have a great time?

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