My hubby needs a new email

He’s been talking about if for a couple wks. He need to separate work stuff from personal. And he hasn’t found time to do it. AND because my computer is my 4th child I so gingerly volunteered this morning to do this for him. 

these log-in names where all available…I have had a great laugh fest this morning trying out all different kinds of log in names. And I barely got a giggle out of him. go fig? He probably just thinks a bit crazy, great thing he accepts me as i am.

after spending some time on google. i sent him this email.

Subject: Do you want me to set up another email account for you?

you keep taking about it.

i was on google

u can do



runnerparkes -doesn’t convey the right type of runner

carparkes – thats funny car parks hehe




& a personal fav…. drum roll pls….


oh & this ones for terrie & michelle- disneyparkes

anywho let me know… m

So can you guess what he picked… later. m

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2 Responses to My hubby needs a new email

  1. Valerie says:

    I think my fav is 4x4man!!!!

  2. Audrey says:

    My favorite is amusementparkes. Too funny. But I think he’d probably pick 4runnerparkes. Good work!

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