Day 18 digital page

ok i almost gave up on load tonight. i have so may other things i should be/could be doing…but i’m glad i didn’t. you see after thanksgiving my external hard drive crashed and although i found a company that would retrieve my photos, i couldn’t fork over the 1500 bucks. so the only pictures i have are from September 2008 on. sad – i know i should have backed them up and so should YOU. SO it has been hard for me to find pictures that i want to scrap. i’ve looked over the same pictures over an over… i found this little gem today… i hadn’t even stopped to look at it before… i know she’s mine and i’m bias, but she is precious.

credits this is a free digital kit form the scrapbook etc. site.  by  feifei
i can not locate the link to download the kit but as soon as i do i will add it here.
really enjoying digital scraping… like my 12th lay out. thanks for looking. m

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