March 09

So let me catch you up…

we have been busy with this and that. you know always striving to be better and count our blessings. this month you saw that my hubby & i traveled to San Diego. that was so much fun thank you to all who help us go. a friend housed us, cousins who feed us, and my folk watched the kiddos. i really didn’t realize how much i need to get away and refresh myself, so that i can be a better mom, wife and person. i was replenished and happy upon returning.

other happenings: jojo’s preschool Zoo trip… he got sick and threw up about an hour after being there!?! fun stuff, we went home and toke a nap. that was how i know he really wasn’t feeling well. that kid never takes a nap.

2009 March 183 webrara is 11 month+ now. can you believe it her birthday is just a few weeks away. don’t know how we are going to celebrate but i’m sure it will be good. 🙂

2009 March 223 r_webwe were invited to my dh cousins birthday party at a great gym place- the kids had a blast. here you see rachel holding herself up on the bar. she could hang there for like a minute, it was so funny.

2009 March 173 e_web

2009 March 159 web

2009 March 155 web

we are trying to start a garden… here is the before picture… i cleared all weed and hope that soon i will have an after picture that includes plants. 🙂 oh btw i found over 12 huge black widows in that green house that belongs to my hubbys work.

2009 March 191 web

Can’t wait to eat our own vegitables… I have some great veggie eaters.

I leave you with this great picture of the temple. Later. m

2009 March 086r web

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