6 boxes of cereal at savemart for 7 bucks

Ive started couponing…. so when i find a great deal that you don’t have to have been collecting the paper for the last year and a half i will post here and on face book….
so certain kellogs cereals are on sale  buy 3 for 10.98 get 3 free
so go print TWO of these
1.50 off 2 mini wheats http://www.redplum.com/pages/Grocery.aspx

& print ONE 1.00 off 2 frosted flakes http://www.coupons.com

i buy FOUR mini wheats use TWO -1.50/2
and TWO frosted flakes use -1/2
so you start
-3 coupons
-1 more coupons
= 6.98 per box /6 boxes = 1.17 a box
hope that make sense have fun my family love mini wheats.

ps if any of you get the paper and want to donate the coupons to me- i will gladly com by and pick them up.
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