ok so this is my new blog, bookmark it!

my website had something going on… so I quickly attempted to back up what i could and i had to erase the entire site. 😦

yes- i know all my pictures are missing so as i can i will replace some, but not all, of them. sorry. i know a photographers blog should have lots of pictures so here are a few more to hold you over. 🙂

welcome camilla claire- this is my dear friend audreys newest, sweetest edition.

2009 camilla049 edit web

a picture from jojo and rara’s birthday celebration…

2009 April 212 edit web

wow as i look thru pictures i realize how much i have not blogged about… more to come soon i promise.  m

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2 Responses to ok so this is my new blog, bookmark it!

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, is that big tall thing in front of you a chocolate cake? It looks like the ones they sell at Claim Jumper. Yummy! Did you make it? If so I want the recipe.

  2. parkesphoto says:

    yes that is a claim jumpers cake, bought it at the school auction the night before. jo won his cake in the cake walk. i gave away cake for days… if you lived closer?!?. 🙂 i do have a great chocolate cake recipe from scratch i love, i’ll post it for you AND if you look at the recipe link in my cloud on the right. I think i have my chocolate crockpot cake recipe on here. later. m

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