Target Saving- using coupons!

target savetotal 13.52* oh and i used a 3.69 cent instant gift card i got on my last traget trip to out of pocket less then 10 bucks.

so what did i buy

2 boxes ritz, 1 box ritz bite size sandwiches, 3 100 calories packs,  3 kraft dressings, 4 boxes of wheat thins, 4 boxes triscuits, 2 jars of mayo, 2 giant jars of miracle whip, oh and one jar of stray pickles…

i had to make 2 trips thru the ck stands, my receipts said i saved 47.50

* the pickles were not on the target deal list but my son put them in the cart and for 2.04 how could i say no… we had no pickles at home… he ate them in the car… funny thing is i think i have a pickle coupon in my binder.

link to the deals:

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3 Responses to Target Saving- using coupons!

  1. i’m going to try this coupon thing. i love seeing all the couponeers save SO MUCH MONEY! i think it requires a lot of concentration in the store though. can i do this with my 3-year-old?

  2. parkesphoto says:

    start small… i can handle target, i get the kids involved looking for the products & holding coupons… i haven’t work myself up to vons yet. 🙂 m

  3. Melissa Earl says:

    Great job!!!! I will have my target post up on saturday. the checker had to double take the total after coupons before he told it to me!!! gotta love the coupons!

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