summer fun update- lots of pictures

so here is a photo montage of some of our summer activity. enjoy. i know it looks like alot of pictures but the truth is i haven’t been pulling out my camera that much. i need to be out taking photo’s.

I love finding these 2 working together.

2009 July 074 web

this little one playing peek-a-boo in the tent

2009 July 123 web

we got a above ground swimming pool and love it!

2009 July 042 web

2009  July 053 web

our summer train trip with grandma & grandpa

2009 July 085 web

2009 July 087 web

2009 July 089 web

2009 July 098 web

ok this kids is a cracks up…

2009 July 090 web

2009 July 108 r web

our 4th of july celebration with friends…

4th web collage

hope you are having some fun this summer!

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One Response to summer fun update- lots of pictures

  1. Audrey says:

    It’s crazy how fast kids grow. Joe looks huge in these photos and I just saw you guys last week! Where does the time go? Awesome pics as usual!

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