Happy New Year!

So I’ve been think. I me thinks it might be time to reawaken this blog. I know the dangers putting thing out in cyber space and I know I don’t have a great deal of time to be playing on the internet. But I also believe that it’s a great way to hold myself to my goals this year. What goals you ask…

1. I want to keep losing the weight. I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last 4 months, it’s a slow loss. But a healthy one. I want to keep losing weight, another 50 lbs by years end. I’ve hired back the old weight watchers girls. So hopefully they can help keep me honest. I walk 2 miles at least 3x a week while the kids are at school. I will keep that up and try to increase weight training. How? I don’t know yet??? Any suggestions?

2. Family Home Evening. All 52 wks of it. My church councils us to once a week gather as a family and share a message. She usually a spiritual one and just have a wonderful time together as a family. I miss FHE. I took as class last semester that took me away from the house on Mondays. So I’m excited. This year, can I do it? Not miss even one week??? I hope so.

3. Scrapbooking 365. You take a picture everyday. YES! Everyday and scrapbook the whole year. SO at years end you have a journal, book of all the years events. So I broke it down. I will get my camera out everyday and at weeks end I will digitally scrapbook it. Post it for you here. And then send it off to some book making company to pay like 50 bucks and print it. I think that I can handle and not have to pull out all the papers, and glue.

4. Just be a better person. Really consider what I’m letting into my mind and body. Turn off the TV more. Take more walks. Play the piano more often. Stretch in the morning. Do the dishes almost everyday. Be a great mom. That kind of stuff. 🙂

2010 was a great year for this family. For me, I grew up a lot. Learned to better handle my money. That has opened many doors for me. Removing that stress from our lives has been wonderful. Building a safety net feels really good. I will continue this into the new year. AND writing our wills. It’s important.

So raise you glass of sparking cider, (I don’t drink) and hurray to a new year!!!!

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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Audrey says:

    YAY! You go girlfriend! First, for your achievements in 2010, and second, for the challenges you have given yourself in 2011! WTG! I’m still not sure about the 365 thing myself; I can never seem to remember to take a picture until the kids are in bed. Go figure! I think the way you’ve got it planned sound the easiest. It will be very cool when it’s all done!

    Good luck, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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