Project 365- A photo a day, every day for one year. Week 1

I did it. The first week is done. I took my camera with me almost everywhere I went. Really made me think about what I wanted to document. So many fun and meaningful pictures.

The family that experiments to together…

My kids love doing experiments; coke and mentos, dry ice and dish soap.  And our family enjoys watching the show MYTHBUSTERS. The kids got this bottle rocket for Christmas and we took it out and shot it about 30 feet into the air. It was awesome.

I enjoy making bread. This was my attempt at making artisan bread in 5 minutes a day, from a popular book I found. Made the bread for Tiffany’s farewell (back to school) party. The party was a blast. The bread was ok.

My Brother-in-law, Chuck, lost his mother to cancer shortly after Christmas this year. Our family has lost some wonder women to cancer in the last year. Martha was a wonderful lady, with a great deal of class, and she will be missed greatly.

Enjoying the last few days of winter vacation, the kids and I went to the park. Joseph spent the time practicing riding his bike.

Celeste had this great idea to make a puppet theater out of the box that came in the mail. These are the cutest puppets this mother’s ever seen.

This mom hates cutting up raw chicken. So I cooked it whole and it was absolutely yummy!

The last weekday of winter vacation. We went to take flowers to Abuelo and Abuela at the Clovis Cemetery. It was wonderful family time spent together. We visited some of my friends, they are missed so much.

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One Response to Project 365- A photo a day, every day for one year. Week 1

  1. September says:

    Awesome photos M, as always! 1week down, 51 to go!! We can do it!!!

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