A post in effort to keep this blog going…

The kids head back to school tomorrow. I have enjoyed having my kids home so much these last 3 weeks. We’ve done a little bit of everything. Some of my favorite moment were, seeing the real Santa at zoo lights, going out to dinner on new years eve with wonderful friends and taking flowers to the cemetery last week. We also enjoyed welcoming home Aunt Tiffany from her mission. What a sweet spirit a missionary bring home with them, there is nothing like it.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately, “How are you?” I am good! My husband and I have enough to provide for our family. We have our good health, good jobs, kind loving family and friends, talents to grow and develops, a roof over our heads, lots of clothes to wash every day, and challenges we can handle. I am embracing my imperfections. I saw that in an email advertising a scrapbooking class. I love it. I am embracing my imperfections. I am enjoying even the less then perfect moments in life.

So that is my post for this lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh wait a picture. Celeste took this at the library. It’s beautifully imperfect. Jo in time-out  for chasing his sister, I just realize his shoes are not on. Ra on moms lap, trying to tell me something very important, she does this all the time, the serious look on her face is always to cute.  And me still trying to get things done, while the world pass on by. Ok. Later. M


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2 Responses to A post in effort to keep this blog going…

  1. Emily Koford says:

    You are fantastic. I loved this post! It makes me miss hanging out with you.

  2. pphoto says:

    i miss you too. hey you could invite me to go to hobby lobby. LOL. then I’d just have to come visit. m

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