My Unsolicited Review of the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

I got, as some people say “hooked up” this week. I had to take my car into the shop. After explaning to Enterprise that there was a reason I owned an 8 passenger van and they couldn’t put me in a mid size sedan, an impala, me, really? Where am I going to put all the kids? They gave me the fancy van that they picked me up in. Get this a 2011 Dodge Gran Caravan with 49 miles on it. WOW.

So here’s my silly opinion of this fancy new car. I may never drive a car this new again. I enjoyed the the high seat, it felt like driving a truck. It had a large turn radius, much like a truck. The nifty automatic doors, where cool, once i figured out how to use them, remember to press the button 2x. The seats that fold completely into the floor, a nicely added feature. I wonder if the Enterprise guys will freak tomorrow after we hid them all today and returned the car to the shop with no seats. I know we are dorks. lol. Gas mileage was about the same as the my old Cheve. The 30k price is a little deterrent to running out and buying it. So that’s it my review. It was fun to drive while it lasted.

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