Project 365, Week 2

I come to the realization that doing this project all year, everyday, is going to be tough.  I got through week 2. The pictures aren’t anything fantastic but they tell my story, do here goes.

After a date night with daddy, I came home to find this little cutie still awake. I had the sitter, hubby’s sister snap a quick picture.

What a mess. My crafting desk is always a creative mess. Tonight the kids had taken the gold glitter and made signs to put on there bedroom doors. I had glitter all over the house, in the kitchen with foot prints all the way to the rug in front of the TV.

My family home evening audience. We did better this week. Next week little cece will give the lesson. I’m looking forward to it.

My sweet angel sleeping. We are working on kicking the binkie habit, obviously not work tonight. I had almost forgotten to take a picture today.

Much to our surprise, Cece received a purple letter in the mail today. What’s a purple letter? She passed the Gifted and Talented Education Program test. We are so proud of out beautiful big girl.

I’ve been a working mom the last few days. I work part time at the kids school. I’ve just started getting my foot in the door. It make me happy to know I can help my family get out of debt, an important goal of ours right now. I feel blessed to have a friend that help support me and my little ones while I am away from the home.

Playing with friends. Is there nothing better. I love how Cinderella is never far behind, even when playing with Thomas and his pals.

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