Goals: Time to hit the reset button

Ok so if you are wondering. I’m not doing to great with the list of goals I laid out at the begin of the year.  But there is something I’ve learned being on a budget for the past year. The plan(budget) you write out and put into play the beginning of the month doesn’t always work and the middle or end of the month. So do you let it all go to he** and give up. NO! YOU MAKE A NEW PLAN.

So it’s now April and the plan I put into play in January is not working for me. So I need a new plan.

1. My weight: I feel good, It think I look great. I have barely lost 4.5 lbs since Jan 1. Not because the WW plan doesn’t work but because I’ve gotten lazy. I have a horrible cycle; wk 1 I’m great & down 1-2 lb, wk 2 is ok & I’m up .4 lbs, wk 3 throw the plan out the window and over eat. Really??? Then I hit repeat. How do I stay focussed??? Any suggestions. I ‘m working on being that little train… remember ‘I think I can, I think I can”. I am not giving up. SO how will i change the plan. I need some motivation, The frig is now covered with love note. “Stick with it.” “Don’t do it.” “Make good choices.” “Touch it and DIE.” ok the last one is really not on there. But if you’d like to send me any note to add to the wall feel free. SO the new goal is 5 lbs not 50lb. The goal is to make the right choices. The goal is to not bring pizza into the house, because if doesn’t matter how much I try not to eat it. I will. I will eat the whole pie. Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself. Me and pizza… love hate relationship. We are officially broken up.

2. Family Home Evening. Oh the torture. Satan sure does know how to kick a moms butt. Kids screaming, kids not listening, kids fighting.  SO new family home evenings are going to be short and sweet. Family home evenings might just be a game or dinner together for the evening. We do something together, we get points. The more point the better. Right? For not this plan is OK. Better yet it is great!!

3. What was number 3??? oh yeah. That picture a day thing. Really what was I thinking? I hated it so much the camera went into hiding. So I’m pulling it back out again. I will take pictures like a normal person. Ok not like normal people. Like me. I will have it out and annoy people all the time.

4. I am a better person. Everyday I feel good… I’m wokring hard…At least this goal is good. Right?


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One Response to Goals: Time to hit the reset button

  1. Emily Koford says:

    I love how real you are. It’s inspiring! Stick with those goals, even if they need adjusting from time to time. Your pizza relationship is just like mine with Mac & Cheese. It took me sooo many years to finally admit that I just can’t buy the stuff anymore!

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