Purple Fairy Halloween Costume (Sewing)

A month ago I found this adorable pattern at the fabric store for 1.99. I know what you thinking what a great deal. Well the last time I made a costume from a cute Disney pattern it cost my over $50 dollars in supplies to make it. Ouch. The baby found it and well wouldn’t allow me to forget she wanted the pink one!!! She’s 3.

So I thought HOW am I going to make this happen on a budget? Read to see what I came up with for under $10 I think It’s fabulous. But that’s might just be me.

Ra and I went to the local Goodwill. We went through the racks and stumbled upon this slightly used size 7-8 prom dress. Price: $2.00. Yup. All that beautiful fabric for 2 bucks. I cut that dress to bits. Re-fashioned all the tulle and embroidery. So make… drum role please….
This beauty. I’m so proud.

The wings cam from Michael. I had to change those a bit too. Originally  Angel wing $6.99, I used a 50% off coupon got them for $4. I cut them apart and glued them back together. Take a look.

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One Response to Purple Fairy Halloween Costume (Sewing)

  1. Emily Koford says:

    SO CUTE! and from a second hand prom dress? You are brilliant, Mariana!

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